"Why Isn't My Home Selling?" - What to do to get it Sold

Many sellers believe their home is perfect for every buyer. They believe it is worth more than comparable homes, they believe it is ideal for every family, and they believe their decor is suitable for anyone who walks through the doors. But, this is not the case. There are several reasons your home may not be selling. From a high price tag, to poor location, to the staging. Regardless of the reason, there are things you can do in order to sell your home, and get it off the market quickly.

1. You're asking for what? -

The price is usually the overriding factor that deters buyers. Buyers will look at: "price for the location," or "price for the condition," as being too high. Even reducing the price tag by a marginal percentage, will draw in new buyers. You will know the price is right when there are interested parties, and offers start coming in; if they don't, its time to adjust.

2. Its too dated -

Although some buyers like "vintage," this is not the same as dated or dingy. If the wallpaper is 50 years old, or if the appliances are older than the home, this can turn buyers away. A simple solution, update. Apply a fresh coat of paint, update the fixtures on cabinets, change a few appliances. Another option, provide the buyer a credit to update, if you do not want to do so before selling.

3. Condition -

When trying to sell your home, if the property looks like it will cost more to update and fix, than the asking price, you are looking for trouble. If it is an investment property, consider a reasonable price. If the buyer has to put in a lot, in order to fix the home and the condition, make sure you account for this. A reliable agent and online listing service, will help you properly list the home, and the right price for it.

4. Location -

There are some things you can't change; location is one. A beautiful home, in a horrible location, will have trouble selling. Best bet is to cut your losses, and negotiate with the buyers who are interested, for a reasonable price. A noisy freeway, dangerous area, or remote location, can really hurt the asking price, of a beautiful home; but, if you want to sell, you may greatly have to reduce the asking price.

5. Layout/ Floor Plan -

Another factor you can't really change is the layout of the home. If the kitchen is on the opposite side of the dining room, or if the hallways are extremely narrow, not every buyer will be interested. When the home isn't functional, it will be harder to sell. But, a little staging, and the right furniture, can go a long way when you are selling. Consider professional advice when selling, if your home is not all that functional to live in.

When trying to sell your home, the biggest deterrent (in most cases), is the asking price. the simple solution, reduce the price. But, there are other issues you can work around to get your home sold. Working with a professional listing service, that lists your home online, and will market your home to the best prospective buyers, is also important. So, when trying to sell, it is in your best interest to work with the right people, who can guide you, and help you make the appropriate changes, to get it sold quickly.