Brampton Neighbourhood Information

Brampton is a sub urban city in Toronto, Canada. Its large green house business made it once be known as the flower town of Canada. This is a city that hosts around 523911 people and the recent years have seen rapid growth in the real estates business in a bid to house the growing population. Brampton neighbors several cities whose developments have major similarities. Let’s major our focus on the thrilling Brampton neighbourhood information.

Fletcher meadow is one of Brampton’s good neighbours and has a wide range of affordable properties. Most of the real estates developed have houses that range from 2-storey detached spacious houses to upgraded town houses. The houses are located in quiet tree-lined streets which offer proximity to parks, shops, restaurants, as well as schools. The 2- storey detached houses have prices that range from $380,000 to $600,000. These are favorable for young growing family and are accessible throughout the city.

Another city neighbouring Brampton is Bram west. This city offers spacious detached modern and town houses. The city is bordered by streets such as Winston Churchill and Steele’s Avenue. These houses offer direct access to highways and proximity to transit routes and other social facilities including recreation grounds and green parks. This is not to mentions the huge number of recreation parks. The house prices range from $290, 000 to $600,000 with the availability of stunning four bedroom houses.

To the northwest sits Northwest Brampton whose property ranges from modern 3-storey houses to spacious detached 2-storey houses. The houses are close to the main public transit routes, and this makes it easy to access public transport through out the town. Most bungalows average at a price of $720,000 with 2-storey detached houses going for between $290,000 and $560,000. The three-storey townhouses have an average price of $380,000.

In the central community of Brampton is credit valley. This is a town that offers upgraded new homes and high end house. Most of these houses are surrounded by the main streets and offers efficient accessibility to recreation parks, public services and restaurants. The real estates industry has been keen to provide most of the social amenities making it easy and affordable to live in the town. The two storey detached houses have a low price of $400,000 and a high price of $1,300,000. Some 2-storey semi-detached houses are also available at an average price of $ 390,000. This makes the houses affordable to people of different social classes.

The rural Caledon real estate business offers spacious detached and multi storey townhouse. These houses are close to main streets such as the Dixie road and airport road. They are within driving distance and offer a peaceful environment. All the desired amenities such as shops, restaurants, recreation facilities and schools are available. The 2- storey detached houses range from $430,000 to $670,000. There are also bungalow detached houses whose prices average at $1, 099,000.

Halton Hills also neighbours Brampton city and offers side split 4 detached houses whose prices range from $490,000 to $650,000. These houses are also strategically located giving access to the social amenities such as schools and recreation facilities. Their accessibility is easy as they are served by the major roads.